Sponsorship Prospectus

  • Raise the awareness of your brand

  • Build and improve the relationships within the University of Bologna

  • Access and engage some of Italy's brightest students

  • Potential recruitment opportunities

About us

The UniBo Fintech Society is a student-run organisation founded at the University of Bologna to discuss the impact of new technology on the provision of financial services. The Society aims to foster education, research and innovation in Fintech through a combination of Research, Events, Workshops, Interviews, Case Studies, Reports and Industry Experts. We also run a Student's Investment Fund invested in Fintech Trends (Mock Fund).

Our goal is to favour relationships with Fintech companies, banks and consulting firms, increasing Fintech awareness and suggesting a future career.


Hoping to get a company’s name into the University of Bologna and its student community? We can promote your brand by printing the company’s logo on our materials, training, or social kits, and by highlighting your organisation at our events. We can offer interactive opportunities to network and participate in our events, contact our members on your behalf, as well as develop creative strategies to increase visibility and outreach. We can arrange to hold events geared around a sponsor, as well as promote the use of that sponsor’s services or products amongst our members.

Aiding with promotions

Enthusiastic, motivated, and vibrant people like us can be great ambassadors for your business within the University of Bologna. We can offer the services of our members to help publicise and raise awareness of your business and interests. We will be actively involved in the company’s event promotions both on and offline. The experience and knowledge of our committee members are also valuable commodities that we are able to offer. We can agree to offer our experience to help with other activities such as student mentoring