"Fintech: yesterday, today and tomorrow" in collaboration with LendIt

Scheduled for March 16th, 6pm CEST
Guests: Fabio Giancitano, Arturo Pepi, and Ivan Andres Saavedra Rosas (Lendit).

"Fintech" in collaboration with JEBO and MUG Bologna

Scheduled for December 15th, 6pm CEST
Guests: Stefano Bonini (Unibo), Fabio Giancitano and Arturo Pepi (Lendit).

"Women in Finance" in collaboration with JEBO and MUG Bologna

Scheduled for November 10th, 6pm CEST
Guests: Vittoria San Pietro (EmilBanca), Claudia Cevenini (Banca di Bologna), Silvia Romagnoli (UniBo), Martina Bonacini (Deloitte).

Fintech workshop in collaboration with the
MBFC, Unit+ and Crypto Oxigen

Scheduled for October 21st, 3pm CEST
A great opportunity to develop an international network and get to know what's behind the scenes of a Fintech company.

Adapt 2022 Case Study Competition

Deadline scheduled for August 25th at 12 am CET
Analyse different aspects of the NEAR DeFi protocol and win up to €450 in prizes.

Live-Interview with Steven Lo Presti

Scheduled for August 20th at 6 pm CET
Steven Lo Presti is the Founder of Marketing Ignorante, the Patient Investor, Adapt 2022 and the Oracle.