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Adapt 2022 Competition

Compete for up to €450 worth of prices analysing the NEAR DeFi protocol

DeFi 101

Decentralized Finance ("DeFi", "Open Finance") refers to a number of decentralized protocols building open financial infrastructure. These protocols are valuable because they're creating the necessary plumbing to enable anyone in the world with an internet connection to access self-sovereign, censorship-resistant financial services.

In the existing system, all financial services are controlled by a central party. Whether it's basic money transfers, asset purchases, or lending, you must go through an intermediary who charges rent for mediating financial transactions. Decentralized financial services, on the other hand, connect individuals peer-to-peer and allow them to access basic financing more easily and affordably.

Properties of DeFi

Blockchain-based financial services are superior to their centralized counterparts across the following primary features:

DeFi knowledge repository

Defi security tips

Defi services

Curve - stablecoin specialized decentralized exchange

Uniswap - decentralized crypto exchange 

Sushiswap - decentralized crypto exchange

Aave - crypto lending protocol

Compound - crypto lending protocol

Synthetix - derivatives protocol

dydx - derivatives protocol

GMX - derivatives protocol

Convex - Curve's yield optimiser

1inch - Defi aggregator

Opensea - NFT marketplace

Mirror - web 3 publishing

Lens protocol - web 3 social platforms

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