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The first Fintech community in Bologna

The UniBo Fintech Society is a student-run association founded at the University of Bologna to discuss the impact of new technology on the provision of financial services.

The association aims to foster education, research and innovation in Fintech through a combination of research, events, workshops, interviews, case studies, reports and industry experts.


We conduct industry research, scaling studies, capital raises, monitor UniBo startups, acquisition prospects, banks mergers, IB market pulse, and DeFi market pulse


UFS is seeking active partnerships and collaborations with professional firms and established associations to organise training events


Open to all of the UniBo community with high-level speakers to be held with Interviews with top Fintech leaders

Quant Fund

We are working towards running a Student's Mock Investment Fund invested in Fintech Trends

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Latest content

Past events

Fintech Event, in collaboration with JEBO and MUG

Women in Finance Event in collaboration with JEBO and MUG

Fintech workshop in collaboration with the MBFC, Unit+ and Crypto Oxigen

Scheduled for October 21st, 3pm CEST
A great opportunity to develop an international network and get to know what's behind the scenes of a Fintech company.

Live-Interview with Steven Lo Presti

Scheduled for August 20th at 6 pm CET
Steven Lo Presti is the Founder of Marketing Ignorante, the Patient Investor, Adapt 2022 and the Oracle

Adapt 2022 Case Study Competition

Deadline scheduled for August 25th at 12 am CET
Analyse different aspects of the NEAR DeFi protocol and win up to €450 in prizes

Our desks

Case Studies, Acquisition Prospects, Banks Mergers, Market Pulse, Macro Analysis

Industry Research, Scaling Studies, Capital Raises, Database of UniBo Startups

Trends, Emerging Innovations, Tokenomics Analysis, Yield Farming Strategies, DeFi Market Pulse

Are you a firm interested in collaborating with us?

We want to enhance relationships with Fintech companies, banks and consulting firms, increasing Fintech awareness and suggesting a future career

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